Nasser Al-Khelaifi on selling a portion of PSG: “We are here for the long haul.”

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, PSG president, has been the headline of the news for the Qatar World Cup, PSG’s attempt to purchase the Parc des Princes and the possibility of the club selling a minority percentage to investors. Even in Doha for the World Cup some questions need answers.  

With the rumors swirling of PSG possibly selling a part of the club some supporters have worried that this signals QSI (Qatar Sports Investments) may be disengaging from the project. In a piece covered by LÉquipe Nasser responded, “(Laughs.) I was asked yesterday ‘Is it true that you are going to sell PSG after the World Cup?’ I replied: ‘Ah well, you are telling me. It ‘s breaking news.’ (Laughs.) No, no. For the investment, if we want to sell 5, 10, 15%, I am not sure. The truth is that there are many interested. We look at two things. An investor and a strategic partner, and the second part is the most important. If this entity can and wants to help the club grow, why not?

He continued to say, “It’s not putting more money or less money, but growing the brand, our expertise, our business.”

The club president was clear that the minority sale is to bringing in a strategic partner, over brining in monetary investment. He also made it clear that PSG is a long term investment for him, “We are here for the long haul. What we are thinking about is how to develop the club. What is best for the club? Deep in my heart, I don’t want to sell any part of it. But, if it’s in the interest of the club, why not? We don’t want someone who comes for two years and sells his shares. We want someone who brings a lot of value.

QSI bought the club in 2011 for under 100 million Euros. The French club is now worth north of 3 billion Euros. The project has been massively successful inside and outside of football. There have been many ownership groups who have taken over teams, but few have had the success that QSI have had with PSG. 

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