National 1: Villefranche could be drafted in historic promotion to Ligue 2 if Bordeaux are relegated

As the fixtures for the National 1 (France’s third tier) came out today, it has as a precaution placed Villefranche and Bordeaux in the same fixtures – in the case that Bordeaux are relegated. In any case, the two clubs will not be playing in the same division next season. 

According to L’Équipe, Villefranche could play in Ligue 2 next season even after 3rd place finish and play-off disappointment against Quevilly Rouen in May. It was a scenario that was ruled out by the league’s general assembly in December to allow for an 18-club championship – but it could become more and more likely if the DNCG’s decision against Bordeaux is upheld by the National Olympic Committee on 19th July. 

If Villefranche play in Ligue 2 next season, it would mean the second tier would have 20 teams in the division, with 18 teams in the third tier. 

FCVB have been in the National 1 for five years, after being promoted to the third tier in 2017/18. It would be historic for Villefranche to play in Ligue 2, having never played higher than the third tier in the Rhone-based club’s existence. 


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