OL Groupe’s stock listing suspended amid reports of Lyon’s sale

L’Équipe report that OL Groupe’s stock listing was suspended on Wednesday, potentially hinting at a possible sale of the club, Olympique Lyonnais.

However, the suspension of the stock listing, which took place on Wednesday morning, doesn’t mean that the sale of Lyon is imminent. As per the understanding of the French outlet, it was done in accordance with the request of the holding company that owns the club.

Stating the obvious, the club confirmed that there is “a pending publication of a press release relating to the operation with Eagle Football.” The signs are evident that John Textor, the Executive Chairman of Eagle Football, is edging toward the acquisition of the Ligue 1 side. Nevertheless, the share price at the time of suspension rose to 2.84 euros.

The press release, as reported by L’Équipe, doesn’t mean that OL will be sold before Friday midnight, which is the official date set for completing the operation.

While there is optimism that a potential sale of the club will be concluded before tomorrow midnight, the chances keep getting narrower with the passing of each hour. The purchase of the club was initially scheduled for September 30 and then got postponed to October 21. With the time running out, it is likely that the potential sale would be hit by another postponement.

GFFN | Jyotirmoy Halder

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