Olivier Giroud on his World Cup chances: “I’ve shown what I had to show.”

In his interview in today’s L’Équipe, Olivier Giroud notably discussed the latest upturn in his international career and his chances at making Didier Deschamps’ World Cup squad next month.

The Milan forward returned to the squad for the September international break and scored in the 2-0 win over Austria, while also setting up a goal for Kylian Mbappé, with whom he appears to have repaired relations after the two publicly fell out before Euro 2021.

What did you make of the last international break in September with the French team, two months away from the World Cup?

It was satisfactory. I enjoyed coming back again. I had a great time on the pitch for the first match against Austria [2-0 win where he scored]. The second one against Denmark took place under different circumstances [2-0 loss]. The Danes were going for top spot in the group and their spot in the Final Four. We got moved about. But there were also a lot of absences. Overall, personally, I’m happy. […]

You also had an important backer in Kylian Mbappé, with whom your understanding was excellent against Austria and apparently good behind the scenes too, as he highlighted in several of his remarks

People interpret things how they want. The most important thing is to show that things are working well on the pitch. But I don’t think the coach had any particular concerns in that sense. We won the World Cup together. There’s a relationship which has proved itself. Kylian has said things. We’re both competitors. We want to win. I like that.

What percentage of a chance do you give yourself to be in Qatar, with over a month to go until the squad is announced?

I have no percentage to give. I’ve shown what I had to show. I’ve done my best to be there. I’ve stacked all the odds in my favour. Now, [my concentration is] over to Milan!

If you had a preference, would it be playing in a third World Cup or beating Thierry Henry’s all-time goalscoring record for France?

Both of them, sir! But no, it’s definitely to defend our World Cup title. And if I can level with or beat Titi, it’ll be a great bonus!


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