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Paul Pogba: “My depression began when I was with Jose Mourinho at Manchester.”

Speaking to Le Figaro, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba discussed suffering from depression during his career.

“Completely, and several times during my career. I have experienced it, but we don’t speak about it. Sometimes, you do not know that you are depressed, you just want to isolate yourself, those are unmistakable signs. For me personally, it began when I was with Jose Mourinho at Manchester (2016-17). You ask yourself questions, you ask yourself if it is your fault, because you have never experienced moments like that in your life.”

“Of course, we earn a lot of money and do not complain, truly, but that does not stop us from having moments, like everyone in life, more difficult than others. Because you earn money, does that mean you should always be happy? It doesn’t work like that, life. But in football, that’s not ok, we are not superheroes, but merely human beings.”

“[In difficult times] I focus on my family, my friends and the desire to win matches or to improve does not leave me despite it all. I do not want negative moments to make me forget all that I have accomplished, even though it is not necessarily easy and, when I am not able to do that alone, I speak a lot with “Uncle Pat” (Patrice Evra), ex-players who have experienced this, because they are going to understand you straight away. My psychologist can be my best friend, my wife or my son. Speaking, being listened to, being able to let out all this rage and depression that gnaws at you, it is an obligation for me.”

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