Paul Pogba paid his alleged blackmailers €100,000

As reported by RMC, following the revelations surrounding Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias’ alleged attempts to blackmail him, with a police investigation ongoing, the Juventus midfielder has already paid €100,000 to those supposedly attempting to extract money from him.

That sum, however is only a fraction of the €13m demanded by a gang of men, including childhood friends of the player, who reportedly dragged the France international to a Paris flat during March’s international break before demanding the sum for “services rendered” claiming they had protected discreetly Pogba over the last 13 years.

In a hearing on August 9th, Pogba stated that following the gang’s demands he had started to pay the men in a bid to buy time and satisfy his supposed blackmailers. However, the demands continued and Pogba reported the incident to authorities in Italy before the case was heard in France.

Meanwhile, the authority’s investigation into the case is expected to step up in intensity this week but no further hearings are scheduled as yet for those involved with all the protagonists still to be identified. 


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