Paul Pogba’s alleged armed extortion took place hours before France team meeting

According to RMC Sport the extortion reported by France midfielder Paul Pogba took place during the eve of the 20th to the 21st March – a few hours before a France national team meeting in Clairefontaine. This was when two armed individuals allegedly demanded €13m from the Juventus man.

RMC reported a week ago that this sum was demanded by a gang of men, including childhood friends of the player, who reportedly dragged the France international to a Paris flat during March’s international break before demanding the sum for “services rendered” claiming they had protected discreetly Pogba over the last 13 years.

In a hearing on August 9th, Pogba stated that following the gang’s demands he had started to pay the men in a bid to buy time and satisfy his supposed blackmailers. However, the demands continued and Pogba reported the incident to authorities in Italy before the case was heard in France.

RMC also reported earlier today that Kylian Mbappé (23) has contacted both Paul Pogba (29) and Mathias Pogba in order to ascertain why he is implicated in the witch doctor scandal. 

According to RMC, Mbappé called the Pogba brothers on Thursday in order to understand his role in the scandal. The nature of the conversations is not yet known, but Mbappé phoned them in order to gain the perspective of both protagonists and formulate his own ideas. 

Amongst a raft of other claims, Mathias Pogba has claimed that his brother Paul used a witch doctor in order to curse Les Bleus teammate Mbappé. According to RMC, Paul has denied this claim to investigators. 

The Pogba affair is reportedly the main topic of conversation amongst the France national team squad. Didier Deschamps is also “more than attentive” to what is happening and is informing himself in order to know how to manage the affair. 


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