Peter Bosz admits that Lyon are not playing with his philosophy

Ahead of last night’s Europa League quarter-final against West Ham, Lyon boss Peter Bosz spoke to RMC Sport about his difficulty in imprinting his footballing philosophy on his side, who currently sit in 9th position in Ligue 1, 8 points away from the podium.

On whether Lyon play with his philosophy:

Honestly, no. Because we aren’t good enough to play 90 minutes and all our matches in an offensive manner with a high press and a lot of possession. No, we aren’t managing to play like that at the moment. It doesn’t frustrate me but of course I’d like to see my team play differently. We’re working on it but it’s not always possible.

On the obstacles in implementing his style:

It’s completely true but it’s also makes sense because when you arrive in a new country and I didn’t speak French very well, it’s not easy to implement another system. It’s not easy for the players either. You need a little bit of time for these things. I think that we’re playing much better than at the start of the season but we’re far from perfect.

On whether style is more important than points:

It’s always the result that is the most important. But I am convinced we can implement both. You can win in an attacking, attracting and dominant way. It’s possible but it’s not easy. When you play with a lot of space in behind, it’s not easy and it’s very different. Clubs like Barca, Manchester City or Liverpool play like that and I like to see those sorts of clubs.

On the need for time:

It’s always the first question I ask myself when I arrive in a new country, how long have I got. I don’t know. In Israel it was a month, at Ajax it was three and here it’s been eight months already. It depends. But it depends on the quality of the players, on the country, and a lot of things.

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