Poch’s time at PSG is up

There’s growing dissent as French giants PSG stare at yet another season of unachieved targets. A heavy investment in the playing unit over the past few years has aligned well with the club’s ambition to rule Europe. This heavy investment has however failed to really pay off.

It was even bitter that the manager they sacked, went straight away to improve Chelsea and won the coveted Champions League title just a few months later. The same man, Thomas Tuchel, has gone on to win the Club World Cup and as PSG lick wounds at the sight of another low season.

That Tuchel’s Chelsea is still in the Champions League after PSG’s elimination is an indicator of the gem the French giants lost. Now they are grappling with another coach who has, by the club’s standards, underperformed and doesn’t seem to instil great ideas in the team yet endowed with some of the biggest stars in world football.

An expensively assembled squad, PSG have so far disappointed badly. They are out of all competitions except Ligue 1 and while on paper they look strong, they are never far from calamity, especially in their away matches. The 3-1 away loss to Nantes, followed by a 1-0 away loss to Nice, 3-1 away to Real Madrid and 3-0 away to Monaco must have left the PSG hierarchy shifting uncomfortably.

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With just the league to play for, and PSG having a good lead, it is not likely Pochettino will be fired before the season ends. The PSG top brass may just bide their time as they do a search in the background.

Unofficially, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Tottenham Hotspur’s Antonio Conte have been mentioned among the potential men to take charge at PSG. Arteta’s project at Arsenal has grown gradually and it is starting to take root. He is the kind that would like to be given assurances to build his own team but PSG may not be that patient. With his level of inexperience at the top, it is highly likely if approached he will reject the offer.

Antonio Conte, on the other hand, just took charge of Tottenham Hotspur, and he has a history of managing big players. With a pedigree in England and Italy, Conte would be open to a move, given we don’t expect PSG to struggle to buy out his Tottenham contract. It remains to be seen how this all unfolds but the general mood is that Pochettino’s time is up.

After the weekend loss to Monaco, he slammed his players’ attitude as speculation rose over his possible sacking at the end of the season. Already, he’s being linked with a move to Manchester United , and honestly, having coached in England earlier, such a move would suit everyone – PSG, who are hungry for European success, Pochettino, who is clearly going through hard times in Paris, and Manchester United, who are really in need of a top manager to turn their fortunes.

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