Prosecutor requests temporary detention for Aminata Diallo

A prosecutor has requested the temporary detention of former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Aminata Diallo, in the wake of her arrest and second police custody this morning, according to RMC.

The request is said to have been made on the basis of “grave and matching clues”, including allegedly incriminating phone wiretaps.

Whether or not the French international will be placed under investigation will be decided by an examining magistrate, who is set to receive her. Another separate judge will decide the length of a potential investigation and incarceration.

Diallo was arrested this morning as part of the investigation into the attack on her ex-teammate Kheira Hamraoui in November of last year. The latter was dragged out of a car by masked men and had her legs beaten with an iron bar while Diallo was at the wheel and being held back, after they had left a PSG team dinner together with Sakina Karchaoui who was dropped off home beforehand. Diallo was initially held in custody for 40 hours before being released with no charges.

This time, Diallo has denied any involvement before going on to exercise her right to remain silent, according to RMC. Four suspects have been placed under custody since Wednesday, with three recognising they were at the scene of the assault. RMC add that the possibility of a rivalry between Diallo and Hamraoui being at the centre of the attack is now back at the fore, and investigators are trying to find out whether the assault was allegedly ordered due to sporting or personal reasons.


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