PSG ultra group could split in disagreement over direction

As reported by L’Équipe, PSG’s main ultra group, the CUP (Collective Ultras Paris) could be about to split in two over a disagreement on the direction of the fan group in the wake of the club’s latest Champions league exit to Real Madrid.

At a meeting this week a split among the CUP, made up of six main smaller groups, started to emerge with three of those constituent entities, including the leading group known as K-Soce Team, considering leaving the collective after they lobbied for stronger actions and protests as fans look to air their frustrations over the way the club is being run.

Another three of the other six groups, however, fear being expelled from the Parc des Princes over any major action taken against the club, as was the case until recently after a PSG fan was killed in fights between various PSG fan groups before a game with Marseille in 2010.

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