Red Star president Patrice Haddad: “The fans don’t exclusively own the club’s DNA.”

Speaking to L’Équipe, Red Star president Patrice Haddad told fans, who have been opposed to the acquisition of the Parisian club by 777 Partners, that they don’t “exclusively own the DNA of the club.” 

The sale of the club, which was completed on Wednesday, has been met with strong opposition from fans. Responding to that, Haddad said, “The decision is definitive. Either they take part in the project or they don’t. Personally, I think they will, but they don’t exclusively own the club’s DNA. I myself respected and maintained it, working on the basis of a simple phrase: work on the body and awaken the spirit.”

Broaching the subject of the takeover itself, Haddad said, “The price wasn’t a topic, because we were all on the same level. The real subject was the DNA of the club and they sensed the particularities of our world, from the beginning. We will never be a platform for trading.”

He continued, “However, how do you protect football if you don’t have the means? How do you keep ticket prices at €10? All of that needs financing, all of it. Similarly, 777 are coming to protect the academy. They opposed us because they said our academy will be plundered. Well, it’s been plundered for the last 15 years! We see 777 as a problem, but it’s the solution.” 

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