Robert Lewandowski on Kylian Mbappé: “The most important thing is to never to be satisfied, Mbappé is the perfect embodiment of that”

In speaking with France Football, Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowksi discussed how he sees the development of PSG forward Kylian Mbappé while comparing him to former France and Arsenal man Thierry Henry.

Who are the current attackers that you like to see progress? What do you think, for example, of Kylian Mbappé?
The most important thing for a top player is to always be hungry, never to be satisfied, despite their insane schedules. Kylian Mbappé is the perfect embodiment of that. He seems to be always fresh mentally. As a striker, sometimes the biggest challenge is to stay focused, at all times. I love his dynamism, his explosiveness. He’s not the typical number nine, fox-in-the-box style, he’s more of a winger who likes to rush into space. It’s important not to leave him any, otherwise he’s irresistible. I’m sure he’ll be mentally tough enough to meet such high expectations and be among the best in the world over the long term.

Your younger self idolised Thierry Henry, is Mbappé similar to him?
Absolutely. In the first ten meters, Thierry Henry often left the opposing defenders standing. He was impressively fast and explosive, with world-class dribbling skills, and had a formidable efficiency with a surgical precision on his strikes which always impressed me. Kylian is equally fast and excellent in his dribbling. They both have the ability to stand out and dominate their direct opponent while maintaining remarkable composure and lucidity in the final moment. They’re very similar and I have no doubt that Kylian will also make his mark on the history of football.

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