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Saint-Étienne coach Pascal Dupraz says he is “overrated”

Speaking before his Saint-Étienne side’s trip to Metz, coach Pascal Dupraz discussed his reputation and the likelihood he stays with Les Verts should the team stay in Ligue 1 this season. Dupraz said he felt fortunate to be coaching such a historic club:

“I’m overrated. To coach Saint-Étienne, you have to be highly rated… I’m seen as a firefighter, it gets me work all the time. I’d rather be a firefighter than an arsonist. Today, I’m in [legendary ASSE coach] Jean Snella’s shoes? Wow… It’s amazing.”

“The lease on my house ends at the end of May. Too often we make the mistake of thinking too far ahead, I want to live intensely in the present moment… At the traffic lights, people stop and thank me. But nothing is finished. All I want is for the players to be thanked at the end of May.”

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