Subject of a planned assault, Kheira Hamraoui “in shock” after Aminata Diallo’s release from jail

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Kheira Hamraoui described her fear after seeing Aminata Diallo walk out of jail under judicial supervision.

In an interview with Quotidien (as reported by RMC Sport), the former Barcelona midfielder admitted that she and Diallo were going on trips and getting closer as “friends” before the planned assault on Hamraoui on September 14, 2021, by four men supposedly hired by Diallo.

On the back of Diallo’s release from jail under legal supervision, Hamraoui said:

“It’s traumatic, it’s shocking, it’s scary. I’m still talking to you today but I’m stunned. I can’t realize what’s going on right now.”

While elaborating on their relationship before the attack, Hamraoui added:

“Of course, we were friends. We went on vacation together. She was a friend with whom we shared a lot of things.”

A police investigation recently revealed that Diallo hired those four men for €500. It is reported that their mission was to handicap Hamraoui so that the player could not take the field anytime soon.

Among a set of messages exchanged between Diallo and her confidant via WhatsApp, it has appeared that the act of an assault on Hamraoui was planned due to Diallo’s jealousy toward her former teammate.

GFFN | Jyotirmoy Halder

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