Téji Savanier: “Milan made an offer but I said no. My agent told me I was crazy!”

In speaking on Mohamed Bouhafsi’s Hors Terrain podcast, Montpellier captain and midfielder Téji Savanier discussed an approach from Milan that he turned down. The 30-year-old said:

“I was surprised to find out that big clubs were interested in me [in 2018], a Ligue 2 player, a local player. After one season in Ligue 1 I had big European clubs knocking on my door. That was great but I only had one idea in mind: Montpellier. There was only Montpellier for me. AC Milan called me and made an offer but I say no. My agent told me I was crazy. Yes, I am! My dream was to come and play at La Mosson, to wear the Montpellier jersey, and play in front of my family. They offered me a lot more money, but if I go there and I’m not happy, what’s the point? I want my family to be able to see me play from the stands. Here, I’m the happiest of guys. But, even now, when I look at Milan, the San Siro, it makes me dream, I say to myself ‘wow’ but, at that moment, I could only see myself at Montpellier. I wanted La Mosson. When I go to this stadium, I don’t know if it shows, but it makes me very happy. Nobody can feel what I feel.”

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