The GFFN 100 2021

Happy New Year from everyone at Get French Football News!

We are delighted to announce that we are proudly releasing the ninth edition of the Get French Football News 100. This publication celebrates and aims to project the achievements of French football in 2021 and indeed promote the incredible talent which France’s top two leagues possess.

The Get French Football News 100 comprises our selection of the top one hundred talents that French football has to offer, judged solely on their performances in 2021.

To be eligible for the GFFN 100, the player must have been a registered squad member of a Ligue 1 or a Ligue 2 club on the 31st December 2021.

Players that are eligible are judged on all their professional appearances in 2019, regardless of whether or not they were playing abroad for a part of the calendar year. This applies to the international appearances they might have accumulated, notably in the World Cup.

Players are ranked in descending order: with the highest-rated talent ranked 1st and the 100th highest-rated talent ranked 100th.

A negative (-) sign with a number next to it shows that the player has dropped in ranking compared to last year’s performance and by how many places, and vice versa with a positive (+) sign. A player who is making a new entry into the GFFN 100, not historically, but in comparison with last year, does not have any sign next to their ranking.

The selection process involved a nomination stage whereby the GFFN 100 contributors chose their favoured list of one hundred, alongside the use of statistical data to rank players according to a range of over 50 distinct parameters across different playing positions.

The Get French Football News 100 2021 is an essential tool for journalists, agents, scouts and fans to gain a greater understanding of the best talents that French football has to offer.

Download the publication absolutely free now by clicking on this link.

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