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The Growing Popularity of Betting Sponsorships in Professional Football

Today’s hot topic will revolve around Football, more specifically we are going to be going over betting Sponsorships in football, the history between the two and finally how both parties generate healthy revenue for the world that is football.


Brief History Into Football

Football, as we know it today, arose in 19th century England, that being said throughout the time the game of football might not be as we know it today. Football has had a few alternative games throughout history and has been evolving ever since. Let’s dive back to 12th Century England. A game developed that resembled football, except that you could also use punches of the ball. The game also did not have referees and so naturally the sport was more rough and violent. An equivalent version of the sport could also be found in century Florence called Calcio. The storm and devastation sometimes left by such games like the unfortunate death of participants and severe damages done to the town would eventually lead to the banning of such games. Till around the 17th century, London was later forbidden again in 1835. At this stage, football had become less violent and established in public schools. This led to rugby and football having little distinction. The first proper attempt to create an official set of rules was held in Cambridge in 1848, but to no avail, as no final solution was agreed upon. The first football association wasn’t formed until 1863 when it was decided that carrying the ball with your hands was not allowed. The formation also resulted in the standardization of the size and weight of the ball and the first distinction between rugby and football.

All that being said it was not until 1871 that the FA Challenge Cup became the first important competition to be held. From then football has ever been evolving into the gigantic and world-renowned sport it is today except for one small detail. Today football has a multi-million dollar global market size, which brings us to our next topic.


A Brief History of Betting Sponsorships in Football

At the moment betting on football is extremely popular and naturally, they have a long history. For as long as anyone remembers football fans like many other sports fans, enjoy placing bets on games. In recent times fans can now place wagers easily due to technological advancements we now have online sportsbooks. Making it more accessible at any time and place as long as you have an internet connection. That being said, one should always learn more about the differences between different sportsbooks and search through recent lists of new betting sites 2022 in the UK before heading to place any wagers to be well adjourned with advantages and disadvantages that come with certain providers.

It wasn’t always easy in fact during the 20th-century sponsorships were actually not allowed. Back in 1976 Kettering Town were fined £1,000 after putting KetteringTyres on their shirts and during the 1980s, TV stations refused to air matches that involved sponsored teams. It wasn’t until the Premier league that betting sponsorships really took off, with the first appearance happening in the 2002/03 season with Fulham becoming the first company-sponsored by a betting company displaying the Betfair logo on their shirts. This meant that the door was opened for numerous betting companies. Clubs accepted them with open arms, especially since these organisations sponsored millions of pounds into said clubs. Since the 2016/17 season more than 10 clubs have displayed betting companies as their main sponsor and in fact, during the 2019/20 season out of the total £349 million that was raised from sponsors almost £70million came from betting and other gambling sponsors. Sponsorships from betting companies went even further and succeeded in sponsoring whole leagues and tournaments. SkyBet was the main sponsor for the EFL from 2013-to 2016 and have since renegotiated and continue to be league sponsors till 2024.


How betting sponsorships help football clubs

It’s worth noting that teams have become quite reliant on the revenue that comes from sports betting sponsorships. Not only is it a form of guaranteed income, but it can be used to help teams bolster their squads with new talents and enhance facilities. Betting Firms also pay for the sponsorships on the pitch sides bringing an additional revenue stream for the clubs. In return this allows clubs to provide elite training facilities for the players and state of the art stadiums for the fans looking to enjoy the game live.



Football has come a long way from its original form, but as a game with its rules as well as financially. Throughout history, sports and gambling have been a natural match, with fans wagering on their favourite games while in return helping betting companies sponsor and help nourish giant sports teams such as Juventus FC and many others to grow financially as well as a team. In return, betting companies are granted exposure to their target audiences. 

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