The Oldest Rivalries in French Football

Football derbies can be found all over the planet. The rivalries in the European country of France is not an exclusion. The country is home to some of the major football clubs in, resulting in some noteworthy derbies on the continent. Football matches in France are commonly friendly challenges that are prevalent in local, regional and national rivalries. 

These challenges are a fantastic alternative to other clashes when it comes to sports betting sets- with a selection of fantastic teams on the field. 

Let us explore some of these old rivalries taking place on the French football field. 

Le Classique

The Le Classique has been regarded as the most momentous football clash on a national level in French football history. 

This match-up consists of local teams Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Marseille- two of the most efficacious teams in the country.

The Le Classique is occasionally thought of as a challenge between two of the most exceptional regions in France, namely Paris and Marseille.

These teams have been able to showcase a top-notch performance and achievements, making this rivalry a much loved competition on Betway.


Choc des Olympiques

Choc des Olympiques is yet another popular French football competition among European football fans. 

Even though this event may not be as trendy as other competitions, the two opposing teams- Lyon and Marseille – have less rivalry amongst themselves.

On the other hand, it has been speculated that the main rivalry amid the two sides are their players, managers, fans, as well as their standards of operating.

Lyon and Marseille have often met in some of Betway’s most favoured competitive competitions, such as the Ligue 1 and Coupe de France. These are two of the most up-and-coming teams in France, having claimed victory in the Ligue 1, Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue and Trophée des Champions.

They have also played an essential role in establishing the French coefficient in UEFA club placement.


Les Verts 

The Les Verts- also known as the clash of styles- sees French teams FC Nantes and AS Saint-Étienne go head to head against one another. These two teams cemented their names by taking over the local football scene. 

Both teams have been able to stir up great hype by winning the French Championship multiple times.

Les Verts is often glorified by Betway customers for different reasons such as skill and tactful play on the field.  

Even though the two participating teams have not been able to live up to recent expectations, they are still well thought-out as the best football clubs in French football.


Derby du Nord 

In the northern parts of France there are no two teams who are rivalled to one another more than Lille and Lens. 

Lens has been able to produce an opulent and fruitful name for themselves, whereas Lille has gradually risen to emanate as one of the country’s most auspicious clubs

The competitions between the two teams has become one of the most awaited encounters in Ligue Un in the past couple of years. 

During which, Lille has demonstrated themselves to be worthy of a championship while Lens wants to solidify their position again. Betway’s football fans should keep a close eye on these two clubs in future French fix-ups. 

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