Threatening Mathias Pogba message to Paul Pogba revealed

Le Parisien have revealed a threatening message sent from Mathias Pogba to brother Paul Pogba, just a month before the former’s initial allegations about the latter. 

Mathias Pogba is currently in police custody, but through a bot has released numerous videos, tweets and a public letter. In his latest social media drop, he has doubled down on claims that Paul Pogba used a witch doctor to “neutralise” Kylian Mbappé during PSG’s tie against Manchester United. 

Le Parisien have now revealed a threatening message sent to Paul from Mathias’ phone. It reads: 

Listen to me carefully. Today, Mam (Mahamadou Magassa, former friend of Pogba who is also in custody), the ‘big red hornet’ [le grand frelon rouge] and I almost lost our lives because of what you did to the young French national team player. I am aware of everything. We are here today because of your cowardice and your selfishness.”

Now it’s very simple: you’re going to send them the payment that they asked for as quickly as possible. Otherwise, I swear to God, I’ll call Mbappé’s parents and all of the world’s media. I’ll tell them everything in detail. I’ll give you five days to settle things with Adama (another suspect). If you don’t do it, keep your eye on the news!”


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