Tiémoué Bakayoko: “I found myself with the gun one meter from me.”

Speaking in a video posted on his Instagram account, Chelsea midfielder Tiémoué Bakayoko (27) spoke about his arrest in Milan two weeks ago in a case of mistaken identity. 

Bakayoko, who spent last season on loan at Serie A champions AC Milan, was arrested while driving around Milan. A video of the arrest has since circulated on social media, and Bakayoko was critical of the police’s handling of the situation. 

He said, “The error is human. I have no problem with that. On the other hand, I have a problem with the method used. I think it went further than it should have. Why didn’t they just conduct a check worthy of the name by asking for the vehicle’s documents, quite simply by communicating?”

He continued, “In the video posted on social media, you don’t see everything. It is maybe the calmest part of what happened. I found myself with a gun just a metre away on the passenger side. They clearly put our lives in danger. No matter the reasons that made them do that, it is an error since they knew with absolutely no certainty the suspects they had apprehended. The consequences could have been a lot more serious if I hadn’t kept my cool, if I wasn’t lucky enough to do the job that i do to allow me to be recognised in time.” 

What would they have done next? Would they have taken me to the station? It makes you ask a lot of questions again. It isn’t acceptable to put lives in such danger,” he concluded. 



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