Tours FC president unsurprised by Pogba scandal

Speaking to Le Figaro, Tours FC president Jean-Marc Etorri said that he wasn’t surprised by the scandal that has embroiled the Pogba brothers, Mathias and Paul. 

Etorri recalls signing Mathias Pogba back in 2018, however, he only ended up playing five matches for the N1 club. According to Etorri, Mathias was offered to play for the club. “He was offered to us, but we all said, no thank you.” 

The Pogba clan, which also included Paul and agent Gaël Mahé, came back with a counter-offer. “They said to take Mathias and that Paul would pay his salary, his costs. In addition, he proposes coming to play a friendly match at Tours and he’ll also come to watch his brother play twice,” said Etorri. 

However, the sum that was promised to be paid, which amounted to around €80,000, never arrived. Etorri refused to go to court in Switzerland over the Mathias contract affair as the procedure was deemed too onerous for the club. In light of the deepening Pogba scandal, Etorri said he “is not at all surprised.” 

He also called Pogba’s mother, Yeo Moriba “the head of the gang,” adding that “it is her who pilots everything, her who says yes, her who says no.”


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