UD Almería target Marseille midfielder Pape Gueye

After acquiring Marseille forward Luis Suárez, La Liga side Almería look to double dip for midfielder Pape Gueye according to Mercato. The Senegalese defensive midfielder, outside of making his national team’s World Cup squad, has made 12 appearances for OM this season, even scoring the winning goal against Clermont (1-0)  on August 31. 

The midfielder has been with OM since 2020 after making a move from Le Havre for a reported fee of €3 million. Gueye started his career with the Ligue 2 and has played with them since the academy level. The club from northern France has produced some of the best French players of the last decade including Paul Pogba. 

Gueye is a strong defensive talent. As a player, his long strides allow him to cover large amounts of ground. His size and physicality is a tool of his aggressive defending. On the offensive side of the ball he may fit in well in Spain. The OM midfielder is not a player who looks to play the long ball and has a solid pass completion percentage. There are no further details on what inquires the Spanish side has made for the player. 

GFFN | Tony DesRois 

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