Why PSG branded online games could be successful

Online gaming, be it of the casino gaming variety or of live bingo, is constantly growing bigger and bigger, with some companies already penning lucrative sponsorship deals with football clubs.

In England, clubs such as Sunderland and Coventry City have had bingo partnerships in the past and with the ever-growing nature of online bingo gaming, top-flight clubs could be offered an alternative sponsorship to their typical betting sponsors. The vast majority of these clubs are sponsored by betting companies and in Ligue 1, one of the official sponsors is BetClic.

The likes of Paris Saint Germain (PSG) have demonstrated their strength as a brand in numerous ways. In terms of merchandise, the PSG Jordan brand is extremely popular worldwide, and digital endeavours into Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) and Socios have also been prevalent. But there are still many more digital markets the club could utilise, including online gaming.

PSG-branded online bingo games would likely be a success due to the huge reach and popularity of the club. Bingo is a traditional game that is enjoyed worldwide, with Buzz Bingo offering a variety of games, and PSG has proven time and time again that the club’s level of global reach offers significant marketing potential.

Football online casino games have been created before by Buzz Bingo, for example in the form of Spin and Score, which takes the concept of traditional slot gaming and adds in footballing graphics and branding to make it more appealing to followers of the sport.

Taking advantage of Messi’s reach

A PSG-branded game could achieve similar success, largely owed to the genuine superstars in the team such as Lionel Messi, who could feature in their own online games, as anything he is marketed alongside tends to rake in an abundance of revenue.

Messi has his own brand of sporting attire with Adidas, which has consistently sold incredibly well despite the lines involving simple clothing items with subtle Messi branding. Fans are immensely loyal to their favourite stars and huge clubs such as PSG can take advantage of this via many more methods in the ever-growing digital world, including cryptocurrency, NFTs and online gaming.

Messi’s brand is arguably bigger than the sport itself, as it extends way beyond accruing revenue from the sale of footballing merchandise as he has launched fashion lines and even home items on his official website which ships worldwide.

The Argentinian is certainly the highest-regarded footballer of all time after winning seven Ballon d’Or’s and winning just about everything there is to win at the club level. As a result, he is probably the biggest footballing brand of all time. Barcelona lost out on a huge amount of revenue following his departure, and PSG can take maximum advantage of his marketing capabilities.

Bingo is historically an incredibly popular game that is enjoyed for fun besides the chance to win a cash prize, merging this with possibly the biggest brand in football, would produce obvious success. Combining online bingo games with football branded marketed is something PSG would certainly benefit from with millions tuning in to their games week on week; not just to see a huge club, but to focus on its huge stars.

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