Yohan Mollo claims agents stole between €10m & €15m from him

Ex-AS Nancy and St Étienne winger Yohan Mollo has told Le Média Carré that he believes that agents have stolen between €10m to €15m from him over the course of his career.

Mollo is currently playing for Hyères in the French 4th division:

“I am banned from banking, blacklisted by the Banque de France and I am in legal proceedings with all the banks because I owe money from everywhere.”

“What happened to me is a movie. Never in my life could I have imagined this. My agents took their commissions, but it wasn’t enough for them, they also took my salaries. They took out various loans at the bank on my behalf, and bought goods and sold them at a loss. I have never witnessed a purchase or sale of property in my name, which is however mandatory. I was also presented with life insurance and told that I had to invest the money to think about the future. I went to the office of an agency: I was received, I was presented with official documents, there was nothing suspicious about it. But this life insurance never existed, the guy was in cahoots with them. All the documents were falsified. Some players were defrauded on the banking plan, others on the real estate plan, but me, all the documents which were made, I did not sign them!”

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