Youssouf Fofana on starting for Adrien Rabiot : “It’s hard to reach the level he’s been at since the start of the competition.”

If you told Youssouf Fofana a few days ago that he would be starting in the semifinal of the World Cup it may have come as a surprise considering how Adrien Rabiot has been playing. As fate would have it, Fofana was forced into action with the Juventus midfielder being ill. 

When asked about the match Fofana told beIN Sports, “There were a lot of hours of work. It’s a shame that Adrien is not here to celebrate, I hope he will be there on Sunday. It was not easy replacing him, it’s hard to reach the level he’s been at since the start of the competition. We worked together and it worked out for us. Life is good… for 24 hours, let’s say! For now , I don’t realize that I’m going to play a final. In the locker room, Emmanuel Macron had no words, he said to us ‘congratulations’ and he introduced us to a soldier who was among his guests.

The AS Monaco midfielder did very well replacing Rabiot. The 23-year-old was full of effort defencively making 4 tackles, 2 interceptions and winning 5 duels in the 2-0 win over Morocco. On the other side of the ball he played well moving forward. He was efficient with his passing and completed over 80 percent of his passes. 

Even with a strong performance it is unlikely he will start in the final if Adrien Rabiot is healthy. As the Monaco man stated, his Les Bleus teammate is simply playing too well. However, he made the most out of his opportunity and certainly helped his team make it to the final. 


GFFN | Tony DesRois

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