Adrien Rabiot on Ireland: “They would have given any team trouble playing that way.”

Didier Deschamps’ men produced just enough quality to secure three points and advance their quest for Euro qualifications against Ireland. This 2-match preview into Les Bleus’ potential Euro squad is also showing signs that the new look Les Bleus are taking shape with key players picking up from where they left off and others finding their place as starters. One familiar face, Adrien Rabiot,  shared his thoughts on the match, stating,

We have to be satisfied with the victory, we knew it was not going to be an easy match against a team that is very committed and plays differently from the Netherlands. We had moments of difficulty like at the end of the match, we endured a lot. We did not underestimate this team which plays very close together, with a fairly compact block. It was difficult to find a crack in the last thirty meters.”

The 27-year-old now a seasoned veteran spoke about the quality of the Irish defense and structure. Explaining that the team that held them 1-0 would have troubled many teams including Brazil, Portugal, or Argentina. Even pointing out it was a match they easily could have lost.  

Rabiot may not have had the best match, but it is clear that he has become an important part of Deschamps’ system. Just a few years ago would have seemed like a distant dream. He spoke about his journey explaining, “I am progressing in my football, in life too, with more maturity. My time in Italy is good for me football-wise. People’s image has probably changed, I don’t think I’ve changed that much. I’m happy with my progress, with my season, whether at the club or in the France team .”

His progress since returning to the national team has been huge for France. So, while there is heavy competition in the midfield and some very big names working their way back to health that could push for Rabiot’s spot, he can not be overlooked. 


GFFN | Tony DesRois

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