Ajaccio fans assault 8-year-old cancer-stricken Marseille supporter and his parents

Kenzo, an 8-year-old Olympique de Marseille fan suffering from brain cancer, has been assaulted by Ajaccio supporters, on Saturday night. La Provence recalled the disgraceful events that occurred before the Ligue 1 game between relegated AC Ajaccio and third-placed Marseille.

Kenzo and his parents were invited by airline Air Corsica to attend the game from their hospitality suite at the Stade François-Coty. It was Kenzo’s dream to meet Les Phocéens. 45 minutes before kick-off, Kenzo asked his parents if he could wear one of the two Marseille kits they brought along. Then, about a dozen people converged on the hospitality box with malicious intent.

I was shoved, almost stamped on“, said Amandine, Kenzo’s mother to the outlet. “They punched my husband twice, stole the kits and burned them. In the scramble, Kenzo hit a railing. It’s shameful.” The victims were taken care of by emergency services and invited to attend the game by Marseille president Pablo Longoria from his own hospitality box. “Kenzo was panicked“, said the Spaniard, who was shocked by the family’s ordeal.

Later on Saturday, Ajaccio released a statement to condemn those acts of violence. “These individuals in no way represent the values ​​of our club and of our island. Even the most extreme stupidity cannot excuse this behaviour. AC Ajaccio will shed full light on these shameful actions. As soon as the individuals have been identified by our services, we will file a complaint against them. AC Ajaccio is in solidarity with little Kenzo and his parents.”

GFFN | Bastien Cheval


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