Blaise Matuidi: “If I ever come back to football, it would be in an entrepreneur role.”

Blaise Matuidi, the former France midfielder and World Cup winner, has spoken about his transition from football to entrepreneurship and his thoughts on a potential return to the game. His words were taken by Le Parisien.

Matuidi, who retired from international football in 2020 and left Juventus to join Inter Miami in the MLS last year, said that while football remains a passion, he is happy to be exploring new opportunities outside of the sport. The Frenchman recently retired from football altogether in January. 

“Football has been my life and it remains a passion,” Matuidi said. “But I’m very happy to be in the world of entrepreneurship now. It allows me to see something other than football. I have the chance to do what I wanted to do, to explore another field that gives me responsibilities like I had in my career, sometimes with connections to sport.”

Matuidi also spoke about the possibility of returning to football in a coaching or managerial role, saying that he would be more interested in doing so as an entrepreneur.

“If I ever come back to football, it would be more in this entrepreneur role,” Matuidi said. “That’s the direction I’ve taken now. But in life, you can’t predict anything.”

Despite his focus on entrepreneurship, Matuidi said that football will always be a part of his life and that he is looking forward to watching his former teammates play.

“I have a lot of good memories from my time in football, and I’ll always be connected to the game in some way,” Matuidi said. “But right now, I’m focused on my new project and excited to see where it takes me.”

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