Bordeaux fan attacks steward after not receiving his brunch

In the wake of the chaos surrounding Bordeaux’s suspended final-day match against Rodez, four Girondins supporters were taken into police custody the following day, including the fan who is suspected to have pushed over the opposition goalscorer.

One other fan, though, was taken in for a separate incident that took place once it became apparent the match would not resume, with the incident taking place after twenty minutes.

According to Sud-Ouest today, a 47-year-old man, who was watching the game from a VIP box, attacked a steward on being told to leave the ground, as he had not received his brunch. He was taken into custody, and has since admitted to the incidents. As he waits to appear in court, he will remain under legal supervision and has received a stadium ban.

It remains unclear as to whether the match itself will be replayed following the attack on Rodez goalscorer Lucas Buades. The league authorities have announced this afternoon that an investigation will be opened and the incident will be revisited this time next week. Bordeaux would need to avoid a points deduction and win by a 5-goal margin to clinch a return to Ligue 1, while Rodez will also need the points if they are to remain in the second tier.

GFFN | Raphaël Jucobin

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