Bus driver of Lyon fans recounts attack before abandonment of Marseille – Lyon

As the fallout over the abandonment of Marseille – Lyon last night continues, a regular bus driver of Lyon fans has shared his experience of the events of last night, where his bus was attacked by Marseille fans on the way to the Vélodrome.

Fayçal, a seasoned bus driver responsible for transporting Lyon supporters to matches across France, shared his harrowing experience with Le Progrès. He described the atmosphere as initially pleasant, but that quickly changed.

“At the Lançon toll booth, we were escorted by a large number of riot police trucks,” Fayçal recalled. “Through the radio, we learned that the team bus had been pelted with projectiles. The police ordered us to stop. We waited for nearly an hour, and when we finally resumed our journey to the stadium, that’s when the first of the four buses from the Rhône-Alpes region was targeted.”

According to the bus driver, “the attack was carried out by hooded people wearing OM and South Winners scarves”. “My window on the driver’s side shattered. We were able to get into the underground car parks reserved for supporters. There, we were safe. The supporters went up into the stands. Members of the LFP (French league governing body) came to take photos, and at 10pm, I was still waiting to find out when I was going to be able to get ‘my’ supporters back to safety.”

GFFN | George Boxall


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