Caen in fixture stand-off with Sochaux following passing of manager’s wife

L’Équipe report this afternoon that Caen do not intend to travel for their match against Sochaux on Saturday, which is scheduled at the same time as the funeral of the wife of head coach Stéphane Moulin, whose passing was announced yesterday after a battle with illness.

Sochaux had earlier today released a statement explaining that they would not be able to move the match, however, for security and logistical reasons – an announcement which was met with wide-ranging backlash. The Normandy side, in any case, will see its staff and players attend the funeral and not go to the match, even if it is scheduled to go ahead.

Both the league authorities and broadcaster had agreed to the match being pushed back. Sochaux have objected to this, but indicated that a minute of silence would be held in honour of Armelle Moulin. Caen president Pierre-Antoine Capton has criticised Sochaux’s unwillingness to change the date of the fixture as “pathetic behaviour”. In a press conference tonight, Sochaux indicated that none of the three possible dates put forward to them were possible, but that they would be willing to accomodate if another solution was found.


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