FIFA announces the World Cup final totaled 1.5 billion viewers

The 2022 World Cup final was a special match by many metrics, but maybe the most important in terms of measuring where the game is today and money was the television ratings. According to RMC, FIFA confirmed that the final had a record-breaking 1.5 billion viewers. In France, there was an average of 24 million viewers, totaling more than a third of the population. 

In comparison to those extraordinary numbers, the 2018 France-Croatia final brought in around 1.12 billion viewers worldwide. To give some context on how large these numbers are the Champions League final usually averages around 400 million viewers. In fact, there is no other sporting event in the world that compares to these numbers.

Social media may possibly be a more modern statistic to review and when you look at those numbers they are just as impressive. 93.6 million posts related to the World Cup were recorded across all platforms. Cumulatively, World cup content was displayed 262 billion times and generated 5.95 billion interactions (likes, shares, replies, clicks). 


GFFN Tony DesRois

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