FIFA plan to take over the Stade de France

Will the Stade de France be owned by FIFA? According to a report from L’Équipe, it is very much a possibility. The outlet reports that FIFA president Gianni Infantino and France president Emmanuel Macron have discussed how football’s governing body might take over or buy the 80.000-seater located in Saint-Denis.

The Stade de France is owned by the French State and is currently managed by a consortium bringing together Vinci and Bouygues, whose concession ends on June 30, 2025. The State is due to imminently launch a bidding process for the period starting from July 1, 2025.

L’Équipe adds that owning the Stade de France is reportedly Infantino’s brainchild and that FIFA will closely look to open the tender offer process before making their move. But why would FIFA own the stadium mostly used to host France’s national teams, both in football and rugby union?

The outlet assesses that Infantino would like to own a stadium this large in order to hold premium games or host national teams whose countries do not possess modern grounds. The Stade de France might even host the games of the upcoming revamped Club World Cup.

According to L’Équipe, the Stade de France is currently worth €600m with a further €300m-400m worth of renovation work. Questions still need to be asked regarding the structure of the deal and what legal form the new management of the Stade de France would take. L’Équipe adds that PSG has no interest in moving to the stadium. L’Équipe have contacted FIFA, who have denied their interest in purchasing the iconic French stadium. 

GFFN | Bastien Cheval

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