Former OL Féminin player seeks compensation after alleged “sexual discrimination”

According to RMC Sport, Lina Sahlane, a former member of the OL Féminin Academy, is seeking compensation following alleged “sexual discrimination“. She claims she was fired by Lyon following denouncing a sexual assault carried out by her manager at the time.

The coach in question, Yohan Desbos, has since been imprisoned for six months. Sahlane’s claim has been heard in a court in Lyon this week. The former footballer arrived in Lyon from Germany before filing the complaint of sexual assault a few days later. She was later fired via a phone call.

Lyon argue that the decision was made based on the “unfavourable sporting evaluations” of Lina Salhane as a player and evidence that two players involved in the affair continued at the club after it occurred. The ex-player said that the dismissal “damaged her dreams” of becoming a professional footballer. The final decision in the case will be made on the 22nd of November. 

GFFN | Liam Wraith


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