France did not deserve to win the 2022 World Cup – Michel Platini

France’s football great Michel Platini believes that Les Bleus did not deserve to win the 2022 World Cup. Speaking to RMC Sport, the three-time Ballon d’Or winner has lauded France’s efficiency in Qatar, but it was not enough for them to be considered worthy winners for football’s greatest prize over Argentina. Platini also questioned France’s level shown in the knockout stages. “I was very happy for France to be in a position to win”, Platini said. “However, when you’re looking closely at it, did we deserve to beat England? Did we play better than Morocco? Did we play good in the final? That’s not straightforward. Did France deserve to win the World Cup? Not necessarily.”

The former UEFA president drew a parallel between the 2022 World Cup final and the 1974 final won by West Germany over Italy 4-3 as he recalled a discussion with Die Mannschaft great Frank Beckenbauer. “I told him it must have been a great game, and he said ‘Michel, it was a s*** game until extra-time.'”

Platini went on to state that France weren’t good, and even were very bad, against Argentina. “Once Argentina wavered ten minutes from time, France went on top and, in the end, could have won.”

GFFN | Bastien Cheval

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