France’s 2022 World Cup Run: A €500,000 Payday for Each Player

 L’Équipe has revealed how much Les Bleus players will earn from the 2022 World Cup, which is estimated at around €500,000 for each player. Due to their run in the competition at Qatar, the French national team players and staff received increased image rights bonuses, in addition to 30% of the FIFA allocation. The bonuses were given for their participation in advertising campaigns, and they received €21,200 per match during the qualification period and other games leading up to the tournament.

However, a new agreement was reached for the World Cup itself, with each player and key staff member receiving an increased image rights bonus of €30,000. This was a significant increase from the previous bonus structure, which would have only earned them €148,400 each.

Thanks to their impressive performance in reaching the final, the team members are now set to receive €210,000 each from their image rights bonuses alone. They will also receive 30% of the FIFA allocation paid to the French Football Federation for their runner-up position, which amounts to around €290,000 per person.

This means that the total earnings for each team member from the World Cup are approximately €500,000. The increased bonus was negotiated by then-president of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, with the players, particularly team captain Hugo Lloris.

However, some within the federation were critical of the increased bonus, as it amounted to a significant loss of revenue (around €1.8 million) from the FIFA allocation. The increase also doesn’t make a significant difference to the players’ lives, as they only receive an additional €61,600. Nonetheless, the bonus increase was in line with previous tournaments, such as the World Cup in Russia in 2018, where the bonus reportedly reached €35,000 per match.

In addition to the bonuses, the French players also contributed to the cost of their families’ travel to the round of 16. The players have not yet received their earnings from the World Cup, and it remains to be seen whether they will keep the money or donate it to a charity of their choice, as some players have done in the past.

Source of Income

Amount Earned per Player / Staff member

FIFA World Cup Prize~ €290,000
Image Rights Bonus€210,000
Qualifying Matches Bonus€21,200 per match
Total~ €521,200

Note that these are approximate values provided by L’Équipe and can vary slightly depending on the specific terms of each player’s contract.

George Boxall | GFFN

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