IFAB denies the French FA’s request to equip referees with microphones

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body that determines the rules of the game, has denied the French FA’s request to equip referees with microphones for next season, according to a report from AFP. In January, the French FA had asked IFAB for permission to equip Ligue 1 referees with microphones. The referees’ federal committee president André Borghini had called for France to be a test member FA in terms of having referees wear microphones during a match from start to finish. Back in March, French official Benoît Millot was had one during a Ligue 1 game between Lyon and Nantes.


However, Borghini revealed on Wednesday that the IFAB had denied the French FA’s attempts to implement this game-changing policy for next season. “The French FA has taken all the steps at its disposal to set up microphones for referees as desired by the clubs, the referees, the LFP and the French FA’s Executive Committee. The IFAB responded with a clear no”, Borghini said. The French FA executive committee member shared his disappointment, but he said that France wouldn’t give up on lobbying in favour of the measure. Nevertheless, French official Millot will be miked up for the upcoming Coupe de France final between Nantes and Toulouse on Saturday, but his communication with players and linesmen alike won’t be broadcast live.

Borghini adds that the IFAB also refused the French FA’s request to experiment with explaining VAR decisions to the public, a change that FIFA have already tried during the Club World Cup in February and will test again, during the U20 World Cup (May 20-June 11).

GFFN | Bastien Cheval

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