Investigation underway after PSG’s Kheira Hamraoui files legal complaint over cyberbullying

L’Équipe report this evening that a preliminary police investigation is underway following a legal complaint from Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Kheira Hamraoui over cyberbullying, threats, and death threats online.

Following the first stage of the investigation, three individuals have been offered the chance to follow a citizenship course, as an alternative to further legal proceedings. Reportedly, two other individuals have seen their cases handed over to the Lyon public prosecutor, while further investigations are underway in Paris regarding other potential suspects.

Hamraoui’s complaint also mentions journalist Romain Molina and an influencer known as Marc Blata. The latter had posted a recording of her allegedly speaking about an extramarital affair with former defender Eric Abidal. L’Équipe explain that police eventually dismissed any potential link with the attack that Hamraoui suffered in November 2021, but it nevertheless led to her suffering a wave of cyberbullying. Blata then reportedly released another recording, this time a fake one claimed to be of PSG’s Presnel Kimpembe discussing a supposed relationship with her – as a result, Hamraoui launched legal proceedings for invasion of privacy and the spreading of fake news.

In Molina’s case, the complaint centres around a video posted on YouTube in which he discusses the media coverage in the aftermath of the attack on Hamraoui, in which he appears particularly critical of the former Barcelona midfielder’s camp, notably speaking of her “manipulating everyone from the start using the press“.

Responding to L’Équipe, Molina has denied having any vendetta against Hamraoui or taking part in any bullying, instead questioning “the weakness of the investigation” as well as claiming that the Hamraoui camp gives the impression of looking to paint out her now-former teammate Aminata Diallo as a guilty party in the public opinion.  

L’Équipe add that a police report from September 2022 asserts that Molina was used by Diallo and advisor César Mavacala in order to “create a media scandal targeted at PSG, in order to forcefully impose their sporting choices”, and that “part of the cabal aimed at Kheira Hamraoui was orchestrated through this influencer of the footballing world”. Speaking to L’Équipe, Molina has reiterated that he has no connection with the assault Hamraoui suffered, and has denied serving anyone’s interests – “Even less when it comes to an attack against a woman using an iron rod. I think all of the investigations that I’ve led across the world show my commitment, and I would never infringe on those principles.” 

GFFN | Raphaël Jucobin 

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