Laurent Blanc on Lyon loss: “I can’t seem to get the message across.”

Lyon continued their rollercoaster of up-and-down performances with a 0-1 loss to Clermont. In a match where OL should have at least taken a point, the defeat may have seemed heavier than just a lost opportunity to add crucial points in the Ligue 1 championship. Coach Laurent Blanc spoke about the loss, stating:

It could easily have ended 0-0. We didn’t deserve to win, perhaps, but we didn’t deserve to lose either. When you’re trying to get back into a positive dynamic, you can’t afford to lose this type of match. I’m very angry not to have taken a point. It makes me angry because I can’t seem to get the message across that the bare minimum in this kind of match is to get a point. You have to be better in terms of reading the game. In this area, we need to be more experienced. I’m disappointed with the substitutes, who have to do much better.

To make the situation worse, it appears OL’s top goal scorer, Alexandre Lacazette may have picked up an injury during the match. Or at minimum, the 31-year-old may need a rest. The French managing spoke about his striker’s situation:
It’s not worrying, but it’s not reassuring either. I’ve just spoken to him…He was already tired at half-time, and he wanted to play on, but he couldn’t continue.”

Following up a strong performance against Brest, Rayan Cherki seemed to be a bright spot for Lyon, but his coach seemed to think there was still plenty of work for him to do. Blanc spoke to Prime Video about the OL academy product’s talent and what he still needs to work: “He must understand that football is a team sport.”

The issue with OL may require more than a tactical or personnel change. The head coach spoke about the mental state of the club stating, “More than usual the group is in a very damaged mental and physiological state because for some time now we have not seen results.”

OL still has time to make corrections, but with the depth of the league getting from 8th place to a top-three finish may be out of the question. Lyon does have a very manageable month of January, but as shown by the match against Clermont, Ligue 1 does not offer any free points.

GFFN | Tony DesRois

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