Mattéo Guendouzi on Coupe de France: “We are ashamed, for us, for the club, and for the supporters.”

Marseille’s defeat to Annecy in the Coupe de France could be seen as a microcosm of their season so far. Great triumph just to finish with fruitless results. Whether it be their heartbreaking finish in their group stage that seem them out of European competition completely or the loss to a valiant Annecy side in the cup only adds to the mystery of Marseille’s unpredictable form this season.

Mattéo Guendouzi spoke about the head-scratching result stating, “We had a non-match, it’s professional misconduct on our part. It’s a huge disappointment and it’s not worthy of OM. We can only blame ourselves. It’s not normal. We had to take a break but we didn’t know how to take our chances, we were a bit light in the duels. You are safe from nothing in football when you do not put the ingredients. We are ashamed, for us, for the club, and for the supporters who are waiting for this trophy. We must quickly switch and move on. There is a season to finish.”

The Les Bleus midfielder was not the only disappointed voice to come from the OM locker room. Valentin Rongier told beIN Sports, “More than disappointment, there is irritation. We have to assume now. It’s a big mistake. We respected Annecy too much, they played without complex. We had done the hardest by scoring. We must win the match before the penalty shootout. We are at home and we must show our superiority from start to finish against a Ligue 2 side. We failed to do so. There remains the championship, we can understand the frustration of the supporters, we had a chance of winning the Cup this year. It is not a question of physical freshness. All the matches, but even more so in the Cup, there is no don’t get tired, it’s all in your head.”

Rongier’s comments carry weight as Olympique de Marseille has not won a trophy since 2012. Despite having one of the most passionate fan bases in Ligue 1, it is challenging to sustain rebuilding efforts and near-successes without tangible success for the supporters. This current OM team, and coach, appear to have greater potential than some of their previous iterations, but disappointing results like this cup loss are significant setbacks.


GFFN | Tony DesRois 

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