Metz’s Kévin N’Doram risks lengthy ban for homophobic slur

L’Équipe are reporting that FC Metz’s Kévin N’Doram (27) risks a ban of up to 10 games after using a homophobic slur during a half-time interview. 

Metz went into the break 1-0 down against Olympique de Marseille on Friday with the side struggling to get a foothold in the game. Half-time interviews are customary in French football, and it was during an interview with broadcaster Amazon Prime Video Sport that N’Doram made the homophobic remark. “Excuse me for the term, but we played like f**s. We are afraid to play with the ball,” said the Metz midfielder. 

Metz went on to draw the match (2-2) and at the full-time whistle. N’Doram apologised for the remark. “If I hurt someone, I am sorry. I wasn’t targeting anyone, I was speaking in anger. I shouldn’t have said it,” he said. 

Despite his apology, N’Doram risks a sanction. The incident will be reviewed by a disciplinary committee on Wednesday. L’Équipe report that a three-match ban is a possibility. However, the suspension could be as long as 10 matches if the comments are deemed as discriminatory behaviour. N’Doram’s apology could work in his favour. 

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