Most memorable matches by France at the Qatar World Cup

The dust from the Qatar World Cup is finally settling. It is time for France to look past any what-ifs, could haves and should haves and get back to their regularly scheduled games. There is no time for doom and gloom or to bring out their guillotines searching for potential scapegoats. After all, who has time to continue wondering about the World Cup? Our boys in blue put up some excellent matches that left France standing proudly as an elite figurehead in world football regardless of Argentina’s win. No one worth their salt can deny the excellent display of games by key French stars of Les Bleus, such as Mbappe, Griezmann and Giroud.  

La Coupe de France is not only still ongoing, but alongside the New Year, it is entering its Round of 64. Many French fans are starting to regain their attention to the happenings of La Coup. However, it would not harm fans to step back one last time to look back at this past World Cup and remember fondly some of the most spectacular and well-remembered moments that involved France’s performance in the cup. Even if we are moving on and looking towards the future, there is nothing more respectful to France’s performance than paying tribute to some of the most memorable moments, both for better or worse, by Les Bleus in this Qatar World Cup.


An Unexpected loss: Tunisia vs. France

In an unforeseen turn of events, Tunisia managed to score a win against the Les Blues with a magnificent goal by Wahbi Khazri in a nerve-wracking game that ended in a 1-0 game. Even though Griezmann managed to grasp a finishing goal, it was ultimately annulled as an offside. Despite managing to score a winning goal against former world champion France, it was ultimately not enough to lift up the North African team from reaching the knockout stage.

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Match of titans in Quarter-finals: England vs. France: 

The World Cup’s quarterfinals pit two of the greatest powers that ever graced European history in both world history and on the football field: England vs. France. Anyone acquainted with any knowledge of European history is very well aware of the centuries-long spanning rivalry between these superpowers, so tension in the field was thick enough to be sliced with several knives.

The match was chockfull of intense moments: Ranging from Kane’s unfortunate penalty kick miss to Tchouámeni’s first French goal that set the stage for France ‘ultimate triumph, capped off by a second goal from Giroud that sealed the deal. In the end, although Kane’s team put up an impressive dam, it was no good against the tidal wave that was Deschamps’ Les Bleus.  


The final showdown: Argentina vs. France

After a world cup filled up to the brink with numerous twists and turns, the final moments came down to a single, final match that would ultimately decide the holder of the Qatar world cup: France vs. Argentina. 

This final game was definitely one for the books. With so many remarkable moments, it would be impossible to decide on simply one. What was your favorite moment of the match? Mbappe’s volley from the edge of the penalty line? Lionel Messi’s flick pass? Martinez’s masterful one-footed save? Is the ultimate outcome of the game decided on a penalty shootout? Whichever you choose, there will always be a different answer as so many nail-biting moments truly made this game a future classic. Even though Messi and his teammates snatched the cup away from France, the game turned out to be a masterpiece of football that will go down in the annals. 


Feature Image showing the World Cup Trophy. Photo Credit: History Of Soccer

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