New Yorker Timothy Weah: Player Profile

Timothy Weah is an American, football player. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on the 22nd of February 2000. The young player is quickly gaining popularity in the United States with some football fans and viewers betting on him as their favourite player.

Timothy Weah’s father, George Weah, was also a professional football player. He is the current incumbent president of Liberia as well as the winner of the Ballon d’Or in 1995. George Weah successfully passed on his love of football to his son, Timothy.

Actually, football seems to run in the entire family. Timothy’s cousin, Kyle Duncan, is also a professional football player and is currently playing for the New York Red Bulls in the ‘Major League Soccer’.

As for Timothy Weah, he has made it to the United States national team and plays for the football club ‘Lille’, a Ligue 1 club located in the north of France.  It appears that Timothy Weah did not really struggle to adapt to the French sports scene. He was already fluent in French before joining the Lille club after learning the language from his Liberian father and Jamaican mother.

But how did he get to where he is today? What are his stats and his strengths? This article will provide a detailed, but non-exhaustive, player profile of Timothy Weah.

Overview of Timothy Weah’s career

The football player is currently occupying a winger position in the Lille club and the national US team. However, before moving to the Lille club and joining his country’s national team, Timothy began by playing professionally at the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) club. With Paris Saint-Germain, he won the Ligue 1 twice and the Trophée des Champions in 2018.

The following year, he joined the Celtic Football Club on a loan from PSG. With him, the team won a Scottish Premiership and the Scottish Cup double. Starting in 2020/2021, he joined the Lille Club and won an additional Ligue 1 title and Trophée des Champions in 2021.

In 2022, he played in the FIFA World Cup on the United States’ national team and many use WynnBet New York to bet on Weah.

Timothy Weah: Player Profile

This player profile will be broken down into different parts to assess different aspects of Timothy Weah’s playing style.

Scoring percentage

Timothy Weah has scored several times but is not particularly famous for scoring. This can also be explained by his playing positions which sometimes vary from ‘defender’ to ‘forward right’. He does not always have as many opportunities to score as other players who may have more advantageous positions or self-advantageous team strategies. That being said, Weah managed to score three goals during the 2020-2021 Ligue 1 season and another three goals during the 2021-2022 season.

In other words, Weah’s score percentage during the 2021-2022 season was 10.3% (3 goals over 29 matches). It was slightly higher during the 2020-2021 season, reaching 10.71%.

During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he also scored one goal for the US team, which gave him a score percentage of 25% (1 goal over 4 matches).

Pass success percentage

Timothy Weah has an overall good pass success percentage score. His percentage score is around 85-86% which means he is usually able to successfully retain the ball when he obtains it and pass it to his teammates without losing it to an opponent.

Strengths, weaknesses and playing style

Weah is a fast player, with good running skills and a strong ability to maintain and stay in control of the ball once he gets it. However, his tackling skills are not quite on point yet. He has been given some yellow cards and one red card for tackling other players during matches. As for his playing style, Weah is known for his short passes to his teammates and his very adaptive, flexible style of playing. He understands quickly what the opponent’s strategy is and is capable of adapting his own playing style accordingly.

Team trades

As mentioned in the overview section of this article, Weah has visited different clubs and won several titles and trophies at these clubs. He is currently at the LOSC Lille Club until autumn 2024 at which point, he might leave and join a bigger club.

It is still unsure what his exact plans are, but experts believe that many clubs are already interested in contracting the player and have begun negotiating with him. Will he go back to PSG? Will he join another French club, or will he choose a club in a different country?

Only time will tell.

Final thoughts

This article offered some background information on the young football player, Timothy Weah. A player profile was included with his statistics, his strengths, weaknesses and playing style.

Weah only has a year left at the Lille Club. He will then be able to choose a different club to continue his promising career and develop his playing skills.

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