Neymar referred to labour court for undocumented household worker’s 60-hour per week undeclared employment

Former Paris Saint-Germain player Neymar (31) has been referred to Saint-Germain-en-Laye’s labour court for undeclared employment, according to Le Parisien.

A 35-year-old Brazilian mother of four claims to have worked seven days a week at Neymar’s Bougival house for seven days a week, between January 2021 and October 2022. Her job was not declared. The plaintiff is demanding 368.000 € from Neymar and she has threatened the Brazilian international to take the case to a criminal court.

Given the missions and the work rate of Neymar’s household worker, the outlet understands that the case smacks of modern-day slavery. According to Le Parisien, the domestic worker has been forced to work up to two weeks before the premature birth of her fourth child. She did not return to her position. The household worker started her work for Neymar as an assistant cook for the PSG player’s 27th birthday, in 2019.

“This is human exploitation”

From 2021, the Brazilian woman worked more regularly for the former Barcelona playmaker So much so she reportedly worked up to 60 hours a week for Neymar, which is 20 hours more compared to the conventional working hours for a domestic worker. She was reportedly on 15 euros per hour, twice as much on Sundays, which were paid in cash. She did not receive a single payslip from Neymar and she had no vacation, paid leave, or medical monitoring for her pregnancy.

After giving birth to her fourth child in October 2022, she received no info anymore from Neymar or his assistants, forcing her to go to foodbanks to provide for her family. “This is unacceptable, being Neymar and taking advantage of the vulnerability of an undocumented woman, moreover a fellow Brazilian. This is human exploitation“, adds Nellma Barretto, the chair of Femmes de la résistance, a charity helping Brazilian women in precarious situations.

The household worker’s lawyers sent a letter to Neymar to find a financial settlement – the letter was unanswered. This is why the lawyers have taken the case to the labour court.

Neymar exploited our client’s precariousness to impose undignified working conditions on her, in violation of the basic rules of labour law,” the lawyers add. “We deplore that such a personality could have shown so much inhumanity, even going so far as to kick our client out of his home a few days before giving birth prematurely, while she was complaining of pain. We are now considering giving this case the criminal action it deserves.

One of Neymar’s representatives said to Le Parisien that the currently injured Al-Hilal playmaker has not been notified of the case.

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