Neymar’s “prodigiously annoying” parties infuriating his neighbours

Brazilian PSG playmaker Neymar (31) is infuriating his neighbourhood because of the many parties he is throwing in his Bougival villa, according to a report from Le Parisien.

Since his arrival in Paris following his record-breaking €222m transfer from Barcelona, Neymar has lived in a five-storey contemporary house in Bougival, a suburban town in the Yvelynes department located a mere 15 km from the centre of Paris.

Last Sunday, Neymar celebrated his 31st birthday at home with loud music, to the great displeasure of his neighbours. Some of them even warn each other of the PSG player’s parties on a private Facebook group. Some Bougival inhabitants went as far as to call the police to intervene and lower the volume of the music at the party, ultimately in vain. The outlet report that the birthday party went on until at least 11:45 pm.

Bougival Mayor Luc Wattelle lives close to Neymar’s house and introduces the latter as a “disrespectful individual” towards his neighbours. When asked to describe what a Neymar party sounds like from his neighbours’ perspective, Wattelle says “it’s not just background noise, it’s prodigiously annoying“.

Wattelle recalled a Ligue 1 title party at the Brazilian’s house that carried on until 5 am in the morning. “We could fine him, but what can we do with someone who doesn’t give a toss about paying a €135 fine given his wages?” The Bougival mayor is considering filing a complaint to the public prosecutor for “repeated disturbances of public order.” Wattelle deeply regrets the lack of dialogue between Neymar and the town he calls home for six years now. “We never see him. For instance, it’s a shame he never played football on the Bougival pitches with the youths.

GFFN | Bastien Cheval

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