Noël Le Graët: “Zinédine Zidane to Brazil? I don’t give a toss.”

Speaking to RMC Sportpresident of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graët said that he doesn’t “give a toss” whether Zinédine Zidane becomes Brazil manager, adding that he wouldn’t even pick up the phone if the former France international called him.

It was announced on Saturday that Didier Deschamps would remain in his position as manager of Les Bleus until 2026, meaning that he would continue in charge of the national team for another two major tournaments. Zidane had long since been linked with taking the role after the World Cup in Qatar, but that situation didn’t come to pass. 

Zidane featured over 100 times for Les Bleus, winning the World Cup once, and featuring in another final. Since retirement, he has managed Real Madrid, leading the Spanish side to a Champions League title. However, Le Graët seemed to lash out at the French legend in an interview with RMC Sport, where he said he didn’t “give a toss” about whether Zidane potentially took the Brazil job. 

Zidane to Brazil? I don’t give a toss. He can go wherever he wants, to a club or to a national team. I don’t really care about it. Did he try to ring me? Definitely not. I wouldn’t have even picked up the phone for him,” he said. 

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