PSG midfielder Ismaël Gharbi’s loan deal may have been five minutes too late

The last-minute loan deal for one of Paris’ brightest young stars, Ismaël Gharbi, may have fallen through. As GFFN covered early today, the 18-year-old attacking midfielder seemed to be all set to finish the season in with Ligue 1’s Nice, according to reports from Fabrice Hawkins. 

However, the loan without the option to buy may have taken too long to finalize. Per reports, the LFP’s transfer registration site experienced a glitch in the last few minutes of the market closed and there is still doubt that this loan could have been registered by the two clubs. It was even reported by RMC the documents could have arrived as little as five minutes too late. 

Gharbi is a player the capital city club wants to hold on to. The move would have allowed the Spanish international time to develop and find playing time. Something he has not been unable to do in the star-studded roster of PSG. 


GFFN | Tony DesRois 


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