Should Mbappé join Real Madrid?

The football transfer window is a complex universe, and the dilemma which concerns the greatest current French player and the Madrid club has not finished unleashing passions. While he is still at Paris Saint Germain, his contract offers him the possibility of leaving for another club.

During the summer of 2022, Mbappé announces that despite the tempting offer from Real Madrid, he remains at PSG to the great relief of these Parisian fans. Since then, this missed transfer is still the event that shakes European football, as the financial and sporting implications are enormous.

Let’s figure out if Mbappé, the sportif football positioned to rival Messi’s legacy, will swell Los Blancos’ ranks, but more importantly, when will he.


An upset signature

During the heat of May, the news fell like a crushing blow: after months of talks, Kylian Mbappé refused to sign for Real Madrid, the biggest teM in European football, to stay in a PSG. One can only imagine the Cornelian dilemma in which the prodigy player, winner of the 2018 World Cup and greatest hope of French football, finds himself.

If there is one person who takes this decision very badly, it is the president of Real, Florentino Perez, who has gone out of his way to bring the French international to play on Hispanic soil. Despite the bitter feeling of having been taken for a ride, it is nevertheless certain that Perez will one day resume negotiations.

As always in football, the numbers are staggering, and this transfer offered an astronomical contract to Mbappé, with the promise of 57 million euros a year base salary, not to mention a signing bonus amounting to 100 million euros.


Real Madrid, a childhood dream for the kid from Bondy

At twenty-three, you have your whole life ahead of you, and the native of Bondy knows full well that resisting the call of the Real Madrid sirens will only last for a while. After all, this is his childhood dream, as the Cristiano Ronaldo posters on the walls of his teenage bedroom can attest to.

Kylian Mbappé also knows he wants to play for this club more than any other. He also says that Madrid was like his own home when he never went there, at least not as a footballer.


Champions League objective

Mbappé is a young player who must establish himself as a legend, and it seems crucial to him to obtain at least a Champions League in his career. Knowing that Real Madrid have been crowned 14 times in their history and that they have done it again last season – it is the perfect club to be able to realise this dream.

Staying at PSG is much more risky, as the club is renowned for winning sometimes, but also losing in spectacular conditions. They had also lost in the round of 16 against Real Madrid with a lacklustre performance for Mbappé and the Parisian squad.


PSG, still a loved club

There is still a special attachment Mbappé has for Paris Saint Germain, and the footballer has repeatedly expressed himself on this point. According to him, Paris is France, and it is logical that a French player, who is moreover a world champion, remains attached to his roots. Despite the sporting and financial weaknesses of the club – which has spent a fortune to remain attractive after difficult years, Mbappé was keen not to disappoint his most fervent fans.


Verdict: Mbappé will surely join Real one day

Let it be said: the thrilling story of this missed opportunity is far from over. Today, Kylian Mbappé has signed again, for three years, with PSG, but a clause stipulates that he can leave it freely. According to the sightings, it is quite possible that the French wonderkid will join the club in the near future.

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