Sochaux’s former president Jean-Claude Plessis completes club takeover

The Nenking era is well and truly over at Sochaux. The Chinese conglomerate and club president Frankie Yau, whose tenure brought the historical Doubs outfit on the brink of bankruptcy, have signed an agreement to sell Sochaux to its former president Jean-Claude Plessis and his trusted right-hand man Pierre Wantiez. According to L’Est Républicain, Plessis and Wantiez are moving heaven and earth to propose a viable budget in order to field Sochaux in the French third-tier this season. They will soon present their budget to the DNCG, French football’s financial watchdog, for approval to enter this season’s competition.

Should the DNCG give a greenlight to Sochaux, the Doubs club would be eligible to play in National 1. Sochaux would then ask the French FA to be drafted into the third-tier. The league is starting today. However, should the DNCG refuse Sochaux’s budget, the sale agreement between Nenking and the new owners would become null and void. Consequently, the Chinese Conglomerate would file Sochaux for bankruptcy before Belfort’s Commercial Court.

GFFN | Bastien Cheval


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